Wooden Toys for Kids in Christmas

Wooden Toys for Christmas make your Kids Love

How many times have we heard and commented that “children today do not treasure what they have”, “receive so many toys that do not pay attention” or “toys are not what they were”. And it is true that is increasingly lost the essence of the toy to replace it with the artificial worlds of video games where it is not necessary to use the imagination. In this article, you will know why your kids surely love wooden toys for Christmas.

From here I propose that, in the face of the coming Christmas season, we recover some of that essence by giving our little ones a wooden toy, since I am sure that the older ones will appreciate and appreciate the effort and affection that in they have been employed.

Thus, the kitchens are one of those classic toys that do withstand the passage of time. However, although plastic kitchens with all kinds of miniature appliances, will never win in beauty and detail to a handmade wooden kitchen, like that of our friend Rrossamm. Look at a number of items it includes, and, as she explained, “it’s a great effort for those of us who have never dared, but the satisfaction that leaves you makes up for all the work.” So, if you want to feel that satisfaction, here you can see the process that followed.

And to complete the kitchen, we have the stand for fruits to give to your kids for Christmas.

Wooden stand for fruits toys for Kids

Children love to imitate their elders, so one of the popular games is what we call ‘dads and moms’. It is very curious to observe the children and see how they imitate our behaviors and our ‘scolding’ with their dolls, right? And, for this, they need all kinds of accessories, such as a wooden crib, or a wooden stroller for the baby or a small closet for clothes. And all of those toys can be built from wood.

Wooden doll crib toys for girl

The means of wooden transport miniature are always a good choice, plus a laborious, although entertaining, DIY project, for the details and scale to which we must work. Even so, many of our users have dared to do so.

wooden transport miniature for Kids

Although, if you are excited, you can also make a wooden car a little bigger, in which they can climb, as a substitute for a while of the current scooters.

Wooden car for Children

The outdoor games are the healthiest for small and are perhaps the most are missing. Therefore, the last option that I propose is the construction of outdoor swings, such as a rocker or a swing like this toy for your children in Christmas.

Wooden outdoor swings for Kids in Christmas




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