Top Nine Trends In Ideas For Making Wooden Toys For Your Kids To Watch

Top Nine Trends In Ideas For Making Wooden Toys For Your Kids To Watch

The closeness of Christmas sets in motion our agenda of orders and projects, with an especially pleasing section of children’s gifts. Making wooden toys for kids, children, grandchildren, and nephews is a satisfying activity as few and offers a double incentive as we can often take advantage of leftovers from previous jobs.

Wooden toys have the charm of things of a lifetime. Although the children are dazzled by the figures full of lights and noises they see in advertisements, such seductions are soon extinct, and traditional toys triumph in the long run. That can also be a great immediate impact: what child will not jump to joy before any of the wonderful gifts of this report.

Our Collaborator tells us that last summer she gave some wood toys that were very successful among the lucky ones. They were objects of raw wood, which the artist decorated very well. And our friend launches an interesting proposal: “If you are excited, go shopping or browsing the cellars and attics, to see what there are … chairs, little tables, little horses, cribs, boxes, kitchens, cars … I think that this year the children can receive something different and that we are not going budget, we have to tune with the pocket”.

Wooden horse toy

Made a lovely playful wood box for his little princess.

wooden box

Megatron also points to the round of children’s suggestions and presents us with another classic, the wooden train for children. Here we see it finished in a tone of natural wood, but can be painted in the colors that we like, says the artist.

wooden train for kids

The funny poster, which will serve very well or simply as a decorative square.

Decorative funny post

Pepe, the legitimate owner of this fantastic trunk, is not the son of our friend, but his pet! Initially, it was a box that made her rib cage, and, says the artist, “since I did not use it I asked for it and made it into a box to put the little things of our little dog in. I posted some sheets, cut out letters and put wheels on it .” An excellent idea for a childlike gift!

Fantastic wooden box

Few children have the luck of little Hugo! Her grandmother, our reader, is a consummate Bricolega who goes out of her way to give her gifts. Testimony, the splendid rocking bike, manufactured by her piece by piece.

wooden chair for kid

In the image, we see two gifts for two little princesses. The lovely wooden chair was recycled and lovingly painted by our reader Abiro for her daughter. “It’s very colorful and something seventy,” he says. For his part, Luilli executed a fantastic corner so that the biggest of his little ones could paint, read stories and make their first tokens.

Fantastic corner for Kids with wood

The suggestion of Pilu is a cute drawer for the little princess of the house. “It will serve to save paintings, hair clips, necklaces …”

Cute drawer

We finished the delicious gallery of proposals with a cradle for dolls, magically decorated wooden toys for kids made by Gely, promoter of the happy Christmas carousel in the forum. If you have any personal suggestions, you can add it to this report!

Handmade wood cradle for dolls


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