Chrismas wooden toys for kids

Three wooden toys to give away for Christmas

A simple platform with wheels, one of those curious wooden puzzles and the game of the magic propeller. They are great Christmas wooden toys for kids.

At first, we could think that because they are toys are for children, but I think that with these we will entertain the older ones, at least until we take the first blow reminiscing of past times while we slip on the platform like a scooter teen plan for ever.

These puzzles of wood pieces are always a challenge with which to test our spatial imagination. In addition, this is easy to manufacture, since we only have to cut some wooden cubes and glue them directly to form the three pieces of which it is composed.

Puzzle Making with Wooden Cube

The wooden propeller stick may not call much of a child’s attention, but you’ll be entertained for a while at a gathering of friends challenging them to discover the trick.

And the wooden platform with wheels like wooden carriage… I do not know, I do not think you want to see your kids sliding down the street on top of that thing. As much sitting and by the hallway or the garage of a house, on the terrace or by the garden. It gives me that it will end up in a storage room before someone breaks something and will only be used to move packages in some move.


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