Wooden toys for babies

With these reasons, wooden toys for babies could be better

The benefits of using wooden toys for babies have a lot to do with their motor development.

Choosing between plastic or wooden toys for your babies can cause some uncertainty in parents, and is that there really are still some doubts as to why wooden toys could be better.

So you do not have so many doubts when choosing, we tell you some benefits of using wooden toys.

1. Help the imagination:

Without a doubt, using wooden toys helps children learn to always create and create new things. In addition, most or all of them have no sound whatsoever, so babies learn to create sounds, stories, movements and even to imitate voices.

2. Encourage stimulation:

Having different textures than plastic toys, will not always be “perfect”, then those forms will make babies manage to identify many things with their hands.

3. Resistance:

Undoubtedly a wooden toy, good wood, will have a longer life time and far from breaking and become unusable, may be repaired and adjusted to a new shape. Not to mention that it will be more resistant to blows, water or most surfaces where babies play.

4. Minor risk:

Although you should pay close attention to whether the paint they have is toxic or not, babies will be able to play with clean toys and always well taken care of, which is often more complicated with plastic toys. In addition, it will represent less risk for children because sometimes they turn out to be less heavy.

5. You save a lot of money:

It is simply because a wooden toy will not need expensive batteries and you will not need extra pieces that will generate more expense.

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