making wooden toys

Don Armando, the man who healed his heart by making wooden toys for kids

He is from San Martin, he is 86 years old and for 20 years he is dedicated to making wooden toys for kids. He feels a desire to continue in the trade, but he also wants new generations to replace him.

Nothing stops Armando Beningazza and, much less, the passage of time. At 86, he says he wants to continue working, although he also wants young people to learn the trade.

The story of Don Armando is like a fairy tale. Son and grandson of immigrants, the man inherited from his predecessors his love for wood, since then, he never left the office.

Don Armando and his inner child

A native of San Martin, Armando already has his life fulfilled. Married to Elba, with three sons and seven grandchildren, this man feels that he is “step in this life”. Twenty years ago he was operated from the heart, he was given four By Pass and he was advised not to work anymore. However, he decided to stop doing the hard work he did in the family hardware store (now inherited by his children) to start playing, as a child.

“Making wooden toys for kids returned the smile to my face, gave me life, allowed me to be reborn. Today I enjoy my life and my health in a special way, “he said.

making wooden toys

In General San Martin Park exposes their wooden toys on Sundays

At age 10 he decided to leave school and since then, work was his motivation. “At that time, my dad already had a hardware store, especially carpentry materials, and he said to me: ‘To work, if you do not study, you will have to do something, I do not want to be at home.’ And so I began. I really liked the idea of having my own money so I never wanted to go back to school, “she recalls.

On May 25, the sawmill of which Armando speaks will be 90 years old, go if he has a history. “I began to grease machines, sweeping the floors and, little by little, I learned the trade. However, today I realize that my true vocation was in the crafts. I loved it and that is demonstrated in my handmade wooden toys, “said Armando.

“When I started to make them I felt so much happiness. I liked it and still like to see the faces of the guys when they approach my post. Parents get more excited as they are old cars and planes, but children are surprised because they see something different from what they are accustomed to. There is no technology here, there are feelings, pure love, there are memories, there is childhood, ” said the toymaker.

A toymaker with a child’s soul

Don Armando manufactures wooden toys at home. There he has his workshop and he sets up his pieces. “I always have stock of all the toys I sell. That is, if I sell a car, I immediately re-assemble it to have it again for sale. The pieces are all made, so it is not difficult task, “he said.

Armando does not have a fixed place to sell his products. “Sunday I’m going to the General San Martin Park. I am accompanied by my wife or grandchildren, we put the car, open the trunk and expose the wooden toys for children. There are a lot of people that are coming, consult prices and buy, “he said.

Also, it crosses squares of San Martin, Rivadavia, Junín. He’s at festivals, always with his toys. “The next weekend, April 22 and 23, I will be in Central Park, in a meeting that will bring together several people like me who sell and exhibit old objects,” he said.

The secret of your happiness

Already on the end of the note, Armando talked about what allows him to remain so active. “I’m happy because of the age I have, I’m grateful. My only remedy for maintaining myself is to make toys. I have my ailments, but I am happy with what I do. A retiree who does not do anything dies fast. When I was told to stop working I became very depressed and that’s why I started to make wooden toys for kids, that allowed me to be an active man, “he said.

make wood toys for kids

At the door of his house, his loves, his wooden toys

On the reality of the country, Armando said: “It’s sad. I feel very sorry to see the lost youth. Today they do not feel like working, they live differently than I did. Today the office is dead, there are no people who dedicate themselves to him. That gives me sadness and much. No longer do artisans see themselves on the streets, everything has changed. ”

Finally, Don Armando called the reflection of the rulers saying: “Today the children and the elderly are the forgotten. I feel we are unprotected. I hope that reality changes, for the good of all. “

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