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How to make Wooden Toys for Kids – Wooden Cars

It always happens that when we buy a toy for our children but we care that it is nice, colorful, fun and that is quality or well-known brand. But we do not realize that a toy can give much more than just entertainment and fun. There are wooden toys that are very educational and encourage the development of creativity and imagination of children, as in the case of toys made for kids of wood.

A toy should not only amuse but also stimulate.

A suggestion for manufacturers of simple toys is wooden cars. These wooden cars are made with blocks of wood so that they are easily assembled and provided with easily removable wheels.

They are extra resistant toys, which lend themselves, therefore, to the smaller ones. As we said before are toys that stimulate imagination and creativity.

make wooden car toys

Figure 1: Wooden Sedan

We will detail an aerodynamic sedan (Figure 1), a sports model (Figure 3) and a large closed truck (Figure 2). They can be constructed in any size, say from 10 to 40 cm. in length, and the squared diagrams are all that is needed to trace the different parts. For models about 12 cm. long 3/8 “(9.5 mm) thick wood will be sufficient for the main body with 1/4” (6.35 mm) wood for the accessory parts.

make wooden car toys 2

Figure 2:

Large models

If the models are larger, of course, the thickness of the different parts must be increased or, if the same thickness is used, a number of thicknesses glued together to form the assembly should be increased.

make wooden car toys 3

Figure 3: A Sport Model

In figure 4, which shows the sedan model, there are two pieces of 3/8 “for the body and a piece of 1/4” on each side in the part corresponding to the doors.

If a double-length model is constructed, the thickness will also be doubled in each case.

Wood to use

The squares shown are 25 mm. So that it is easy to raise the pattern to any size.

Oak can be used for small and medium models, and if the size is very large, some more ordinary wood.

Make wooden car toys 4

Figure 4

The way of fixing the wheels is shown in figure 6. Cut deep grooves of 7 mm with the saw. wide by 13. The curved part of the groove should be smoothed with sandpaper wound on a round rod of suitable size, and then blacken with coal the wood in that part. A soft pencil of graphite will be provided for this operation.

Make wooden car toys 5

Figure 5

The wheels are wooden discs of dimensions proportional to those of the model and with holes of 5 mm. in the middle.


Make wooden car toys 6

Figure 6

When cutting the rods that will make shafts, leave a set of about 6 mm. Test whether the shafts rotate well in their grooves and then attach small retaining bits bolted as shown in Figure 6 to hold the shafts in place. These pieces can be made of brass or hardwood.


Make wooden car toys 7

Figure 7

These wooden toys can be painted in cheerful colors, with red, blue or green enamel, drawing doors and windows.

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