How To Make Wood Toys for Children – A Wooden Penguin

Materials for making this wooden toys for children, a wooden Penguin includes Black and white plush, orange Lenci cloth, and a black piece, a pair of small eyes red color, wood chip for filling and a piece of plywood.

Dressing: It is drawn on the reverse side and on the black gender, trying that the skin always carries the direction down 2 parts of the body mold and 1 part of a helmet, and in the white skin is drawn in the same way, 2 parts of the body. mold “A” with the double gender where it indicates, 1 part of the mold that belongs to the base of the tail, and in orange Lenci cloth, 4 parts of the foot mold. The large beak is cut in orange and the smallest in black Lenci cloth, ie 2 orange, and 2 black.

Make wooden penguin toys for kids

Fig 1

All molds are cut without leaving for sewing.

In the body mold where it indicates ‘clamp’, we saw the machine on the reverse side, then weave the body with the glove point, trying to match ‘B’ with ‘B’ and ‘C’ with ‘O’ soaking the longest part. With the other parts that we have the same, we do the same on the other side, then attach the mold ‘A’ to the body mold trying to match all the parts well before placing the base of the tail, which is where the animal, cut in plywood a part of the mold of the base, but half a centimeter smaller all around; then the base of the tail is threaded, to the base of the tail of the hull, matching the molds well, closing all the parts that were left open, except one side that is where it is stuffed, sewn, turn right and begin fa, fill well hard, place the base in the wood and close completely.

Make wooden penguin toys for kids 2

Fig 2

The eyes, when bought, come with a wire, which will be cut and folded so that there is a small hole; for each of these holes is passed a sturdy lint and then threaded into a mattress needle with double thread. The needle is punctured where it is indicated to place ‘eyes’. The piolín, which has been taken out previously by where the beak goes, is tugged several times.

Make wooden penguin toys for kids 3

Fig 3

The legs are joined in pairs with a stitch all around, and also where indicated the mold, are sewn once finished to the body with hidden stitches. The peak goes, the biggest one in orange color and, the smaller one, in black; it will be sewn or sewn with a stitch all around.

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