Wooden toys for children

How to create wooden toys for children

Hello, everyone, I’m going to explain how to make wooden toys for children, those are simple runners or whatever you want to call it.

The result:

Dinosaurs wooden toys for Children

First you have to find an idea on the Internet or a magazine about some that we like, once found the preferred, the photos we have to go on a scale that is proportional to a small child, well here are the different parts that will be needed ( I had to make the prototype first, you guys, if you want to try it, you can do it directly).

You can see in this photo, how you look for the game to the different pieces so that when moving the smallest piece of all makes the more move, and return to their position by their own weight.

Here all mounted, when pushed and advanced the wheels are turned and in turn, the head goes up and down while moving the tail up and down and the hump on top.

The corridors are simple, carry a strap attached to the top and pulling the east makes the movement game with the head the tail and hump. Here you can see it finished, it is made of pine wood, it is finished with paints suitable for children, in case of ingestion does not produce any type of damage. On the wheels are put a few rings of rubber taken from the belt of distribution of a car, this facilitates the rotation of wheels and the adhesion to the ground.

Now I show you some more type of wooden toys for children that were also made, unfortunately, I do not have photos of the elaboration process, but seeing the result just as someone can give you an idea.

This is a hen rocker, it is designed to the ideal size for children of daycare (in the nursery all the children were offered to be the testers of the prototype)

Hen Rocker wooden toys for Children

The most complicated thing is to get an ideal curvature for the rolling, and in the back, a safety stop is placed in case it happens to overturn.


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