Educational toys for babies

How to help baby play and learn with educational toys

Parents can improve problem-solving abilities by creating a stimulating environment. Offer educational toys of activity to babies, with a little encouragement, babies will be interested in the complexities of a sorting of cups or cups to insert nest. Once the baby seems to have fun, sit back and watch your child’s gestures.

Resist the urge to interfere in the game. For example, if you see him trying to insert a cube into a round hole, do not take it from his hands to show him how to do it. It is difficult to see a baby in difficulty but it is an opportunity for him to learn and develop problem-solving skills that will serve him all his life. And in the end, babies will succeed and you will be rewarded with his characteristic expression of “I have succeeded!”

On the other hand, if babies begin to get excited, it’s time to intervene. Try to find a way to help him without solving the problem in his place. If babies are not ready to crawl but crazy of craving to catch the toy, you can move it a little closer so that by swinging back and forth, baby can reach it. It could surprise you by finding an ingenious solution: pull the cover under the toy to approach the toy of you two.

Another way to help is to show him very briefly how to do it. For example, if baby tries to nest blocks to build a tower, they might slip or fall because the top one is slightly crooked. Show him how to approach the problem, then let him try. After a few tests, it will be a success for sure!

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