Right Educational Toys for toddlers from 12-18 months

How to choose Right Educational Toys for toddlers from 12-18 months

It is true that it is not always clear at what age Educational toys are the most suitable for toddlers from 12-18 months or a gift for your Kids. This is why we asked Catherine Pinet-Fernandes, a doctor of sociology, Professor at the University of Lyon I, author of 4 books on education and numerous studies on children, adolescents, and the family. She is also the editor of the blog Kidissimo where she tests and gives her opinion on a large number of Educational toys and books for Kids more than 5 years. These tips are of course to be taken as an indication, each child developing at his/her pace therefore especially no pressure!

Tips for Educational Toys for Kids from 12 to 18 months

From 12 to 18 months, baby learns to walk, at his own pace. His motricity is refined. He becomes progressively more and more autonomous: he can sit down, take off his shoes, eat with a spoon, and so on. all alone. It can, therefore, develop the exploration of its environment. To do this, he still puts the objects in the mouth. Toys that meet the safety standards of less than three years *, therefore allow him to explore safely. And then, a baby begins to talk … This is what enrich the game and interactions with adults.

* All games recommended for children under 3 years old on the boxes.

Top 10 Essentials

1. Baby learning walking toys

The Baby walking trolley is used by the baby when the walking is well controlled. In fact, pushing such a trolley involves controlling its body and the movement of the trolley: not obvious when the balance of the step is still precarious. Some Baby walking trolleys with brakes allow the baby to grip without falling. On the other hand, a heavier forklift truck at the front, for example by wooden cubes, will be easier to push, as the load is a counterweight. The main uses of these trolleys are varied: push, pull, fill, empty, sit inside (then grow if possible), storage box, etc.

How to choose a baby walking toy?

– Carts with brake prevent the baby from falling if his balance is still precarious.

– Wooden carts are very strong and can be used for a long time.

– Some trolleys have an adjustable handle which allows adapting to the size of the child.

– The trolleys used to transport objects are used longer than the others. They are more versatile: storage of toys, doll transport, etc.

2. Pull toys for Toddlers

At first, Pull toys can stimulate baby in learning to walk. Indeed, you have to go get them when they have rolled too far. And to pull him like the biggest, you have to … walk. In a second stage, games can feed children’s stories: a cat can become the family cat by playing dolls, a small train can emerge on the farm and be integrated into the story.

How to choose Pull toys for Toddlers?

– A Pull toy that produces a visual and/or sound effect when drawn.

– The advantage of wooden pull toys is that the effects are obtained mechanically: no batteries to change.

– Most shooting games work well: choose the one you like best.

3. Pushing Toys for Kids

The pushing toys are used once the baby has mastered the walking. The advantage of pushing games is that the baby can walk and observe the effect of his push on the toy while it is necessary to turn around to watch a game to shoot. It is interesting for baby to own these 2 types of toy because they do not involve the same motor skills.

How to choose a pushing toy for your Kids?

– A visual and/or sound effect linked to the action of pushing sufficiently perceptible, “impressive.”

– The wooden pushing games are very solid and effective.

– Be careful to choose a pushing toy that offers a relatively smooth movement, smoothly.

4. Stacking games

At first, baby stacks and unpacks. This game develops its fine motor skills in all points of view: it is necessary to put the form correctly, possibly to put on a rod, etc. Gradually, the toddler understands that there is an order to follow and stacks the forms in a decreasing way.

How to choose an Educational stacking Toys for your toddler?

– Magnetic stacking toys are easier, but also more “magical”.

– stacking games with a stem offer a different stacking way that baby also enjoys. In this case, the shapes to be stacked must not be too tight to the rod so that the stack is not too difficult.

5. First dolls for toddlers

Towards 12/18 months, baby likes to have a doll to take anywhere that can secure him emotionally. Gradually, he imitates the gestures of father and mother, cuddling, rocking, and so on. These are the premises of the game of imitation that will fully express itself after 18 months.

How to choose the first doll?

– Ragdolls are softer and easier to handle for toddlers than plastic dolls.

– Dolls and toddlers should be small enough for children to handle and carry them easily.

6. Bead Maze Cube

The Bead Maze Cube allows hours of play to the toddler who exercises his fine motor skills. Its use varies according to age. At first, baby moves a single pearl or shakes the abacus. Then it can move 2 beads together, or even all the beads positioned on the same axis. When the game is at its maximum, the child is able to move all the beads from the beginning of the axis to the end and this in a systematic way. Observe the variability of the hand and body positions to achieve this.

How to choose an abacus?

– The more tortuous beads and axes, the higher the complexity of the game.

– Adjust the size of the abacus to the available space at home. Some may be very bulky.

7. Educational books of Awakening

From 12/18 months, baby can leaf through a book. He enjoys watching it on his own, but he also appreciates that an adult or an older child talks to him about the illustrations on the album. Baby can even gradually enumerate what he sees.

How to choose a book of awakening?

– Easily identifiable illustrations with contrasting colors, the baby’s view not being optimum.

Cloth books remain more practical for an independent discovery.

– Some hardcover books are well suited for toddlers, even if they are fragile and must be used under the supervision of an adult.

– Imagery rather than stories.

8. Shaped Boxes

The box shape is a great classic for toddlers. Its first use is often to fill it and empty it, with the forms provided but also with other menus learning toys that it has available. It is only after he has developed his fine motor skills that the baby will succeed in inserting the shapes correctly. The simplest to embed first remain the circle, then the square and the equilateral triangle (3 sides of the same length).

How to choose a shape box?

– A shape box that can be filled by means of recesses, but also, in a simpler way, by opening a lid.

– Parts that are not too close to the opening where they are to be inserted. Otherwise, embedding may be difficult

– Horizontal recesses are simpler than recesses on a vertical wall.

9. Cubes

From 12 months, a baby is often able to stack 2 cubes. He also loves that an adult builds a huge tower to have the pleasure of destroying it. Yes … Deconstructing, even destroying is also part of the construction game … In growing baby is able to perform construction increasingly complex and voluminous.

How to choose cubes?

– Cubes offering an additional playful feature are interesting: nesting cubes, animals cubes, Discovery Cube, cubes allowing sound discoveries.

– Caution: Cubes to reconstruct an image are irrelevant, for 12/18 months. Children can not replenish them before 3/4 years.

– For children rather virulent, favor the cubes of cloth or cardboard, less painful than the wooden cubes when there is a shock.

10. Educational Ride-on Toys

The Ride-on Toys is mostly used by the baby when controlling walking. It develops its autonomy, but also the musculature of its legs. Used indoors or outdoors, baby multiplies motor experiences. It often uses this carrier for many years, up to 3/4 years.

How to choose Ride-on Toys for Toddler?

– A Ride-on Toy with 4 multidirectional wheels (also called “crazy wheels” or “roller bearer” ) allows more fluid movements, especially when it is a matter of turning. It is a real plus, especially in small interiors where your baby has little room to move.

– You also have to choose according to you and the place where the Giraffe Ride-on will be used (inside/outside), etc.

The Originals

1. Animal Sound Cubes of the Savannah

The strong points of the animal sound cubes of the savanna:

– Multifunction cubes: sound discoveries in the style of rattles, animals to tell stories, but also building blocks.

– A very rich use of 12 to 36 months.

– A colorful and original design.

2. The Liz reversible doll

The strengths of the reversible doll Liz:

– An original toy: the fairy Liz turns into ladybug and vice versa, with a turn of the hand.

– A toy that offers many explorations: textures, sound effects, mirror, etc.

– A toy that has a long lifespan: exploration toy when your baby is less than 12/15 months, it gradually becomes a two-faceted doll that can enrich its stories and its imagination.

We hope above tips can help you choose Awesome Educational Toys for your toddlers.  Please share and we always welcome your comment to support our work.

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