Educational toys support Development and Stimulation of Babies from 6 to 12 months

Between 6 and 12 months, the baby moves from sitting alone to taking his first steps, from issuing loose letters to say his first words … In order to progress in his development, he needs to receive information through the senses. How to choose the right educational toys to help your baby’s development in the important period from 6 to 12 months.

It has to offer visual and sound stimuli and, especially, tactile sensations through the game.

The stage of 6 to 12 months in the baby’s life is the time of the great discoveries: the baby becomes a small explorer of insatiable curiosity and needs stimuli that encourage him to move, grab objects, discover the cause-effect relationship, communicate with others …

From 6 or 7 months, the baby realizes that touching things with his hands can get information from them without having to take them continuously to the mouth, but will continue to suck everything to investigate their characteristics for a while.

From 8 months on, the baby picks up smaller objects between his thumb and forefinger with a pincer movement that he will perfect. All the stimuli that we can provide you to develop fine motor skills will be crucial at this stage.

From 9 to 12 months, the baby shows great interest in the things that Mom and Dad know how to do with their hands. He will watch us and try to imitate us.

What educational toys, games and stimuli favor the development of the baby from 6 to 12 months?

The first stimulus: the love of mom and dad

Babies discover the world through interaction with the people around them, and especially with their mother and father. Play with dad and mom, laugh with them, hear their explanations about what is around while they point out, kisses, caresses and pampering, songs that sing … All expressions of affection and attention of parents are the best broth of cultivation for a waking intelligence and a curious and stimulated baby.

Sounds: Music teacher!

Music is a stimulus for the baby’s learning: its bass and treble tones stimulate neural connections, rearrange the baby’s brain and support his discoveries.

Also, it has been proven that harmonic sounds, in which the high tones predominate, predispose the baby to learn.

Animal sound educational Book for Babies

According to Elisabeth Fodor, the creator of the “Fodor Method” of baby stimulation, the peak period of musical sensitivity is around eight months, so musical games are especially important at this stage.

First words: language, one more educational toy

In the second half of life, the language undergoes a spectacular development. Around seven months, children begin to say their first syllables: “ma,” “gue,” “ta” … Ten months say the first half-syllables: ‘ma-ma,’ ‘pa-pa’ and ‘te- you ‘and know how to imitate us when we shake hands. A month later he begins to issue his first short words and to know the meaning of others as ‘dame,’ ‘take this’ and ‘no.’

Speak to your child slowly, vocalizing well and expressively, looking into his face with affection. The inflections of your voice and your facial expression convey information about the world and your feelings towards him. And remember: use the words as they are, do not imitate their “language of baby”: although it is very funny if you talk the same you will slow their learning.

Visually striking toys and objects: a stimulus to explore the world

From 6 months on the baby can turn to turn around, from 7 months on, can be kept without support. At 8 months he loves to play lying on the ground, and at 9 months many children are going to crawl. These are the great steps that will allow you, between 12 and 16 months, to learn to walk without help.

The best thing parents can do to stimulate these achievements is to offer encouragement to our baby to motivate him/her to move: to play with him / her to try to get close to us, to play Move and Crawl Baby Ball favorite educational toy for encouraging Babies moving that draw your attention at a distance so that you try to catch them and move away more and more …

Encourage Move and Crawl Baby Ball

The educational toys and objects of bright colors and striking sounds are perfect at this stage, and if they allow the baby to interact: a colorful scarf mom that changes shape when the child wrinkle, a box with something inside that sounds when he shakes the stuffed animals.

Babies learn playing with Educational Toys

Through the sensations sent by touch, the baby’s brain can project complete images. Even the youngest babies can recognize when they see an object they have examined with their hands and tongue.

At six months, the baby can already take a bottle and change the objects from one hand to another. At seven months he uses his hands with much more freedom and touches and manipulates everything that is within his reach. He sucks things and loves to throw them to the ground to look for them later. It’s a very tiring time for your parents! With 10 months he loves to hear the sounds that he can make beating objects, ripping magazines, touching the buttons of his toys

Babies learn playing by touching button on Educatonal toys

These experiences help you discover the cause and effect relationship and increase your autonomy and curiosity. Feeling that he can make appear and disappear objects by covering or uncovering them, that can make music sound when he shakes or squeezes a toy, which his favorite doll “responds” to him if he holds the hand … The baby needs to learn from his own experiences, is where you get the information.

An Educational toy for this stage: stuffed animals with sound effects

Stuffed toys with sound effects are an ideal toy for this stage of baby’s life.

With them, you can play, hug, sing and have fun. If they also include some visual stimulation such as lights, hearts or stars that light up then they ‘catch’ you in hours of fun.

Stuffed Animals are good educational toys

Many of these cuddly educational toys for babies from 6 to 12 months also have interactive game options to invite the little one to dance and move along to enjoy the game.

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