Educational toys for 2 year old

Educational toys for Kids: What to choose after 2 years?

Your kid is between two and three years old and you are wondering which educational toys for 2 years old could make her happy? For your Kid, this is the year of great learning. Building toys, puzzles, dolls and accessories, cars, trucks, trains, plush toys will help her flourish.

Educational toys after 2 years: how to adapt it to its stage of development?

From 2 years, your child knows how to do a lot of things alone! It goes into the period of self-affirmation and a great learning…

On the progress of this second year, the baby is very rich:

– His vocabulary is enriched prodigiously (he knows how to formulate negative and interrogative sentences) and it enters the famous age of no.
– He often opposes, a necessary phase in the awareness of his unique personality.
– He takes his first steps towards cleanliness.
– He learns to dress himself.
– He is a master in the art of imitating.
– The imaginary becomes omnipotent: it is able to play symbolically.
– It is able to concentrate, to create a project and to lead it to its end – its hands are more and more skillful: it draws, cutouts, turns pages of books one by one…
– The body becomes more and more adroit.

Baby Educational toys after 2 years: which to prefer?

Faced with all these upheavals, your two-year old baby can now deal with new toys. Do not hesitate to propose:

– Building toys (Legos…)
– The large beads to thread
– Puzzles
– The costumes, hats, wholesale necklaces…
– The doll and accessories
– The small house in canvas
– Small universes (the small farm, the fire station, the garage, the zoo…)
– Toys to reproduce the activities of everyday life: the grocery store, the pram, vacuum cleaner, complete dinette.
– Cars, trucks, trains…
– Soft toys
– A blackboard with chalk or a whiteboard with felts
– Books with small stories
– A catalog of fashion, a catalog of toys…
– A music player, little songs, and rhymes
– The necessary for manual activities: felt, wax crayons, sheets of paper, paint, small scissors with round ends … But also clay, salt paste…

Educational Toy after two years: from three to four years

Imitation games are emerging: the imitation game is, on the one hand, the child’s ability to build a different identity through a toy (the hairdresser with heads and accessories) or use reproductions of the adult world to “pretend” (the dinette). Your child is also increasingly interested in books and stories (which are scary!).

– Imitation games: the baby, the changing table, and the couch, the doctor’s briefcase, the nursing kit, the complete kitchen, the hairdresser, the first handyman’s workbenches.
– The animated books
– Games that develop his imagination: disguises, puppets, the first figurines (Winnie, Tigrou, Tarzan…)
– The first rules games: lotto, mémory, domino…

Toy after two years: from six years

It becomes more and more difficult to choose for him. Growing up, your child knows what he wants to play with. It is difficult to pass the “surprise” under the Christmas tree! He makes his list and, in the schoolyard, the discussions are only on this subject. As much as possible – and your means – respect his desire! You will not be able to impose your choices.

Toys are, more than ever, his domain. In general, their favorites are the Game Boy for boys and dolls mannequins for girls. Over the past few years, studies have shown that, from the age of 8, children turn away from toys for video or computer products, branded clothing or sporting goods. One of the explanations: the age of the pre-adolescence advances … (it starts around 9 years).


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