Educational toys for 3 years old Kids

How to choose Educational toys for 3 year old kids

Educational toys suitable for 3-year-olds are those used to paint, build and improve manual skills. Also, those that stimulate the language, the memory, and the concentration.

All About Today Wooden Kids Calendar

First Wooden Kids Calendar learn about Months, Days, Years

So that the little ones learn the days, the months, the seasons and the hour.

Fisher-Price World of Little Kids Learn About Town

Educational toys for Kids learn about Town

An interactive city for children to have fun while learning letters, numbers, colors, shapes and much more. With 5 play areas and learning.

Children Wooden Activity Table and Chair

Wooden Table and Chair for Children from 3 years old

Desk made of colored wood, with different possibilities of use.

Play-Doh Breakfast Cafe

Educational toys for Kids learn to make Breakfast  and Cafe

Plasticine molds to prepare a delicious breakfast, with your cooking utensils.

Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Console

Kids Move and Learn with Fun-2-Learn Console Educational toys

The child can walk on the carpet, run and jump while playing 4 learning games and complete 3 timed challenges. To learn letters, numbers, shapes, and spelling as you exercise.

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