educational toys for 1 to 3 years old

What educational toys for 1 to 3 years old?

You want to find educational toys for children from 1 to 3 year old. At this age, the child continues to explore his environment on his own, first crawling, then moving on all fours and finally walking. He’s also starting to run.

Your child shows great interest in messy games with clay, finger paint or sand. He likes to explore by touch and enjoys doing it without worrying about the damage. Organize your space so that it can do it free from time to time, for example by installing a large sheet of plastic on the table or on the floor.

He also enjoys games where he feels in control like collecting, aligning, classifying, emptying and filling. Since he is gaining autonomy, he enjoys being in action and having some power over his environment.

A child of this age has varied interests. He likes games that take advantage of different aspects of his motor development, such as coordination, precision of movement or balance. Thus, he likes playing ball games as well as building towers of higher and higher blocks or using a pencil.

His imagination and attention span are beginning to grow. He looks with pleasure at illustrated books and he discovers the modeling clay with which he can create. He likes imitation games, and it is by observing his parents that he has fun pretending. He then tinkers with plastic tools, he prepares a meal in a toy kitchen and he cradles his doggie.

He has now acquired the notion of the permanence of the object, that is, he understands that when he no longer sees a person or an object, that person or object still exists. He is thus initiated with pleasure to the hiding game.

Suggested educational toys for kids from 1 to 3 year old

Toys to ride on wheels (18 months to 2 years)

Finger painting

Washable felt pencils

Pencils wax

Chalkboard and chalks

Cardboard boxes

Modeling clay

Big balls to put on a cord

Musical instruments

Block set

Picture books

Toys for Pretending (dinnerware, toolbox, toy cars, dolls, etc.)

Games of association (memory games, lotto games, etc.)

Puzzle (from 3 to 4 pieces)

Ball, ball

Soap bubbles

Gardening set

Outdoor games (swing, slide, sandpit, etc.)

Age indicated on toys

The suggested age on the package gives a good indication as to whether a toy is suitable for a toddler. It is best to avoid the temptation to buy educational toys that are too complex for your child’s age. By giving your child the chance to play games that are age and development-friendly, you can engage in activities that are both challenging and enjoyable. On the contrary, if your child finds a game too difficult to understand or achieve, he will lose interest in this toy, even for later, when he is old enough to use it.

The rotation of toys

Hide, for a time, the education toys with which your child no longer plays and bring them back a few months later. They will then look new and will arouse the renewed interest of your little one. Keep bins within reach and others less accessible, and rotate them to stimulate interest in different games.

We hope our work can give you some useful recommendation to choose educational toys for your kids. For children from 1 to 3 year old, educational toys do not only make fun but also help children stimulate their skills.

Click here if you want to find some ideas for educational toys for your kids.

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