toys for babies 0-3 months

Educational Baby toys: what to choose for a baby from 0 to 3 months?

Between baby’s birth and 3 months, the baby is going through many changes. Little by little, it begins to better identify itself, it is still in a phase of sensory development. Baby favorite toys are the first toy, educational toys, the first light rattle, the music box…

Baby toys: what to choose for a newborn?

At birth, your baby already has 1001 things to discover … So no need to saturate its senses with a multitude of toys.

Want to awaken baby? Leverage:

– hugs and cuddles,

– pieces of music (classical, jazz … based on the tastes of parents) listened quietly,

– a small music box

– odor (a drop of essential oil on a handkerchief that makes him breathe …).

It does not take more to make baby happy!

Birth Toy: How to adapt it to its stage of awakening and development from 2-3 months?

The 2-month-old baby is a real little sponge: all their senses are alert.

Baby thus begins to better identify himself, he is still in a sensory development phase (he is now following the moving objects). Your Mom’s slogan: as long as he is not able to move, you have to think about “furnishing” his environment so as to sharpen his 5 senses.

Baby toys: the best for a baby of 2-3 months?

In his first 3 months, baby needs simple, tender toys that he can observe from his bed. Make sure to give priority to:

– handkerchiefs in bright colors
– the first light rattle (and other elongated and silent toys)
– the music box
– the mobile placed at a good height above the cradle to ensure a safe sleep
– the soft cloth doll
– the first doudou
– the very thin plastic bracelets of colors.


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