developmental toys for infants

What are developmental toys for infants?

Depending on age and the development of their skills, your infants are interested in different toys. In this article, we give you recommended developmental toys for infants in the list below?

Infants from 0 to 6 months

In the first few months, a baby learns to discover his environment with all his senses. Objects attract him because of their colors, brilliance, movement, sounds, and textures. He looks at them, touches them and listens to the sounds they produce. He thus learns the characteristics. They can be soft or rough, hard or soft, big or small, motionless or moving.

From about 1 to 3 months, the color contrasts (for example a geometric shape bounded by a black outline on a white card) capture the attention of a baby much more than the colors themselves. Moreover, his vision is not yet fully developed, and he only perceives objects placed less than 30 centimeters from his face. At a greater distance, the images are more blurred.

Moreover, what interests and stimulates him the most at this age is to see the faces of significant people and hear their voices. To fill it, it is, therefore, enough to talk to him, to rock him, to caress him, to sing sweet songs to him and surround him with a stimulating decoration and attractive objects to watch (for example: in motion, offering color contrasts) or producing sounds.

Toys will become important only around the age of 4 months when the child begins to want to grab them. Around 5 or 6 months, a baby likes objects that can take with his hands, and even more those who make noise, like rattles.

Suggested developmental toys for this age

Fabric animals

Music Box


Teething toys

Toys that emit sounds

Toys floating in the bath

Mirror near the changing table




Infants from 6 months to 1 year

The suggested age on the packaging gives a good indication. A toy that is too complex for a child can cause him or her to lose interest in this toy, even for later, when it will be able to use it.

Starting at 6 months, a child likes to manipulate objects of different shapes. Around 10 months, he begins to have fun emptying and repeating containers, opening and closing them. The cabinet of dishes and plastic containers of the kitchen is very attractive to him. He will also enjoy a lot of containers at bath time.

He also likes to nest things, roll a balloon, look at a book with you, group objects according to their shape, and build block towers. At this age, however, it must be ensured that these objects are safe. Indeed, a baby is not yet very skilled and his tricks are not very solid. Objects could hurt him by falling. There are soft plastic blocks or cloth that are better suited for his age than those made of rigid plastic. These may be interesting a little later.

Finally, a baby loves to move, move and imitate the actions of his parents. He enjoys the game of ” cuckoo “, to make “bravo” and “goodbye” to the hand. He explores his environment by his own means, first crawling, then moving on 4 legs and finally walking. At this age, he is fascinated by mirrors, although he is not yet aware that it is his reflection that he sees in it.

Suggested developmental toys for this age:


Wooden blocks

Container to fill and empty

Musical instruments (xylophone, drum, etc.)

Nesting and stacking toys

Toys to push, to shoot

Toys to imitate (phone, etc.)

Hardcover picture books

Unbreakable mirror

Bear cub

Portico or table of activities

That all developmental toys for infants we want to share with you. Share if you love them and comment below.

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