Choose 6 months baby toys for educational purpose

6 months baby toys: how to choose right educational toys?

Around 6-7 months, baby learns controlled movement and sitting position. It’s time to offer him a special educational toy for your baby. Some 6 months baby toys recommended are the activity table, the floor toys, the big building blocks…

6 months old baby toys: how to adapt it to its stage of motor development?

Your b Ebe 6 months continues to amaze you! It must be said that in just a few weeks, he has made significant progress. And as if that were not enough, his awakening is about to go crescendo. In the program of the weeks to come:

– he learns little by little to disengage his hands and to seize several objects at the same time,
– he is able to seize an object and to approach his face. At six months, the coordination gesture and gaze is put in place.
– he gradually controls the sitting position – he starts to crawl – he is interested in images – he starts his dental pushes. It grasps objects with thumb and index finger, it experiences standing, along a wall.

6 month old baby toy: how to adapt it to its stage of awakening?

Numerous physiological upheavals to which are added great stages of the awakening of a baby. From the age of 6 months, your baby:

– discovers his power over objects: throws them, makes them disappear …
– fears foreign faces ( anguish of the 8th month )
– he likes to be read stories, even if it does not include all the words.
– he imitates voices, mimicry
– he likes to listen to companions and melodies. The awakening to music is in full swing.
– he can pronounce one or two understandable words (10 months): baby begins to learn to speak!

Baby toys for 6 months: which one?

In order for the baby to continue to flourish and grow, it is better to offer him toys specifically designed for his age. From 6 months up to 11 months, your baby will love:

– the activity chart
– the floor toys that allow handling and develop the address, and that the child explores on the carpet: cubes, bowls, buckets plastic, shake toys, stackable, built – in (pull – out cups), wooden or plastic washers to slide on an axis …
– rubber toys, teething ring …
– music boxes
– cloth bullets then small plastic balloons
– the favorite plush (around 8 months) big cubes of construction, CD, and MP3 of songs, cardboard books with pictures, images …

Focus 6-month-old baby toy: bath toys

Giving baby bath, what a pleasure! Baby ‘s love for water is very common and will not go wrong over the years … and this is partly thanks to bath toys! At six months, baby knows how to catch and hold the objects in his hand and he keeps himself seated. Result: he loves to play in the bath. And the choice of toys is vast: duck, plastic cup, boat, cubes, strainer … you can even divert objects like a small plastic water bottle or a wet glove to wring. What amuses above all Baby: see the water flow, the objects float and be a little splashed!

If your baby is not comfortable in the water, fill the bath very little and place a lot of colored toys in it: there is great luck, with a little patience, that curiosity outweighs its apprehension.

Shopping guide for Baby toys from 6 months old and up:

– Buy first-time toys
– Buy a play mat
– Buy a rattle
– Buy bath games

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