Best learning toys for your kids to improve the Psychomotricity

The best learning toys for your kids to improve the Psychomotricity

A good toy is one that favors the psychomotor development of our children. Do you want to know which ones are suitable according to age? We help you choose the best learning toys for your kids!

When giving a toy give us a lot of doubts: What was the name of the one who asked for so much? Will it be useful? Will it foster positive values? And will your kid’s learning ability improve?

It is difficult for a toy to fit all these issues, bearing in mind also that the preferences of our children are essential. Depending on your age there are instruments that are more suited to your growth. There are creative toys that help develop visual and manual coordination and those that facilitate your learning to speak and read.

The competitions of a learning toy are endless and valuable, so in this gallery, you will find a guide to know which games contribute to the psychomotricity of our little ones.

Educational toys for infants From 0 to 6 months

Babies 0 to 6 months

Our baby needs learning toys that help him know the colors, the textures, the different shapes and even his own body. To facilitate all this plus imagination, eye-hand coordination, and ear sense. Educational toys like rattles, teethers, rubber dolls and carpets with activities are recommended for your baby.

Learning toys for Babies From 7 to 12 months

During this time it is appropriate for the child to have fun with balls, rag dolls, baby walkers and large and colorful balancers and, in particular, educational toys for baby with sounds.

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker for Baby

Baby learning toys from 13 to 18 months

At this time the main games are bicycles with wheels, strollers, and buckets to stack and fit since in these months our children know how to walk and recognize the properties of objects.

Go and Grow Giraffe Ride-on Toys

Toys for Kids From 19 to 24 months

At this age, it is necessary for children to develop the sense of touch, eye-hand coordination, their imagination and knowledge of the environment. The learning toys for babies that help all this are again bicycles, paintings, dolls, musical instruments, and strollers.

Musical toys for kids 1-2 years old

Visit to search for the best toys for your Baby from Birth to 24 Months

Toys for Kids From 2 to 3 years

To foster coordination and spatial development, puzzles, shovels, buckets, paintings and art, telephones, and tricycles are perfect.

Buckets best beach toys for kids

Learning toys for your kids from 3 to 5 years

At this age they start to play with their friends, to learn songs and not stop asking about any question. By this time the best entertainments are puppets, dolls, blackboards, bicycles, trains, yo-yos, stories … These games will make them develop more quickly the fine motor skills.

Puppets toys for kids from 3 to 5 years old

Toys and Games for kids from 6 to 8 years

For these years the most suitable games are those with which you learn to respect the turn, aim, concentration, reasoning, balance and postural control. For learning toys for kids in this age, it is advisable the skateboards, manual games, questions games, and experiments games. Games like sinking the fleet are very useful to promote fine motor skills.

experiments games for children from 5 to 7 years old

From 9 to 11 years old

From 9 years up, children are becoming more interested in activities that are more complex and require more thinking. For this reason, the games of strategy, audiovisual, electronic, reflection and experiments are suitable for these ages.

Gifts for More than 12 years

When they reach the age of 12, young people begin to create their own identity. They lean toward specific styles of music, books and video games. At this age, we will realize what the personality and interests of our children are.


That is all of our best learning toys recommendation for your kids,  which is appropriate for each range of ages. Hope you can find a lot of valuable knowledge and find the best for your angels. Share your ideas and opinions, your comments are always welcome.


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