Best educational toys for toddlers learning to walk

Best educational toys for toddlers learning to walk

Taking the first steps is a feat for the baby. Some do it with just one year; others are not released until 18 months. In the stores, there are many educational toys for toddlers to learn how to walk: walkers, rockers, tricycles, vehicles to push with the feet …

Basic requirements of a walker toy

If you are going to choose a toy that encourages the child to move and walk, keep in mind that:

  • The toy has to adapt to the age and size of the child.
  • It must be stable, impact resistant, and comply with safety standards.
  • It is advisable to observe whether it can be folded or removable.
  • If inherited, make sure it is in good condition.
  • No matter how sure the toy looks, the child should always use it under the supervision of an adult.

Educational toys help learn to walk for toddlers 

Baby Walker

Toy with wheels and a rear railing so that the child can grasp and walk leaning on it. It can have different forms and incorporate some game (like building blocks). Seat-mounted models can also be used as vehicles.

Baby Walker for learning walk

Age: Since the little one gives its first steps (between the 10 and the 16 months). Before it can be dangerous because of the risk of falls

What it does: It is not to learn to walk but to try what is learned, that is so that the child exercises the gait once he has taken his first steps. Before you must know how to keep the balance and have worked the side march, that is, move sideways by holding onto a piece of furniture

Benefits: The child completely supports the soles of the feet and learns to distribute the weight of his body from one leg to another while walking. This strengthens your sense of balance and strengthens the muscles of your arms and legs.

 Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker for 9 months to 3 year kids


Must have handles to catch, an anti-roll swing base and a footrest. Some models carry a safety bow around the seat that prevents the child from falling.

Rocker educational toys for toddler learn to walk

Age: When the child is already sitting (from 8 or 9 months) if the model has a closed seat. If the seat has no protection, from 18 months, and always with an adult present.

What it’s good for: Above all, it provides fun: rocking excites children and allows them to enjoy movement without having to travel.

Benefits: Exercises the sense of balance, since with the balance the child is adjusting his body to the movements that he does. This learning will be very useful when you start walking.

Rocker for babies from 8 months with safe sit

Drag and push toys

They have wheels and there are many shapes. Some wear a rope on the front to pull it; others have a stick to push from behind. In some, the doll moves make noises or emit lights as the child drags it.

Drag toys for children from 18 months

Age: From 18 months, when the child is already easy.

What it does: These gadgets invite the child to practice walking. Those that are animal-shaped, and even more so if they are soft-touch, can also become objects of comfort.

Benefits: These educational toys for toddlers stimulate gait and spatial orientation. Pushers help the movement and practice the balance. Both modalities, but especially the ones of rope, oblige the child to coordinate several actions at the same time: to walk, to pull or to push, and to look at the toy. The advantage is that the kid can adapt at his own pace: at first, when he pulls the toy, he has to stop and turn his head to see if it is still there. As you gain dexterity, you can look back without stopping.

Push toys for children from 1 to 2 years

Vehicle. The bike, the car …

The Educational toys are designed for the child to ride on and push forward with their feet. It can be a car or have the form of a train, of animal … Some carry a back support for the child to walk pushing it and use it as a runner.

Ride on and push forward bike for toddlers

Age: From 12 months.

What is it for To enjoy moving around the house or outdoors. Also to emulate the majors leading (the first symbolic games appear at the end of this year)

Benefits: The child discovers that using the legs and feet properly, can move the vehicle and acquire speed, and gains autonomy and confidence in itself. In addition, exercise strengthens your muscles.Ride on car for Kids improve their feet's strength

Tricycle with bar

It is a version of the tricycle of the whole life specially designed for the little ones: it incorporates a back bar with a handle to be able to be driven and pushed by an adult. Must wear straps (between the legs and the waist) and braces.

Tricycle with bar an educational toys for kids

Age: There are growing tricycles, valid from 10 months. Others are advised after 15 months. If the child is to be pedaled, wait at least 24 months.

What is it for: To travel by pedaling, once the child is trained, usually after two years. Before that age, it is more a ride vehicle: the child sits down, puts his feet on the pedals and the parents push him.

Benefits: Driving a tricycle requires dexterity, coordination, strength, and sense of spatial orientation. This is achieved from the two years. Before that age, the benefits for psychomotor development are almost nil. Despite this, it has advantages: the child loves to use a tricycle like the elderly and parents may find it comfortable to use as an alternative to the stroller.

Cute Trike for Toddlers

Those are all the best educational toys to help your toddler learn to walk, we hope you could find the cutest toy, which is appropriate for your kid’s age, give a lot of fun, and help your angle develop better. Your comments are always welcome.


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