Educational toys for 1 year old

Educational toys for 1 year old: how to choose?

From 1 year and up to 18 months, baby enters the age of exploration, then organized activities. To choose educational toys for 1 year old: all toys to be pushed, bath toys, dolls, bathers, small books, and magazines … Our advice to choose them.

1-year-old baby Educational toy: how to adapt it to its stage of awakening and development.

Wanting to spoil her baby by a year is a (good) thing … It is necessary that her toy is well adapted to its evolution. Between 1 year and 2 years, your little one learns 1001 things.

He experimented the station “standing” and then learned to walk (about 13 months) and took the opportunity to explore the house: open cupboards, drawers, boxes … – his hands are more and more skillful: they replaced the mouth for getting to know objects – he likes stacking, putting on, embedding, reversing – the imaginary begins to take a very large part in his life – he begins to imitate the adults (around 18 months) – he knows how to use an object to act on another, knows how to associate a series of actions – he likes to throw his toys, see them fall back, throw them again – he knows what he wants, points the finger … – Baby talks

… in his jargon, and pronounces 4 to 6 words.

– he is able to hold a pencil (18-24 months) and scribble. The time will soon be drawing.

Baby Educational toys 1 year (and more): which one to prefer?

Faced with all these novelties, a baby is awakening to a multitude of new toys. From one year onwards, you can offer him:
– toys to be pulled, to push
– porters (trucks …)
– rocking animals (when he is able to climb on his own)
– all toys to imitate telephone, cars, garage …
– small musical instruments and musical toys: maracas, xylophones, rattles, small crank music boxes …
– spectacular effects games and accessories
– toys (holes, hiding places, etc.)
– all “containers” (buckets, boxes, etc.)
– construction toys with studs or studs
– Table of activities
– the art dolls, swimmers
– some plastic spoons, a bottle, small coffee cups (it’s still a little early to the dinette) – scrap sheets and large crayons – small books and magazines (from 18 months)

Baby toys 1 year (and more): focus on the pushchair

Is Baby old enough to walk? Give him a toy to push, a trotter. With small wheels, the walker encourages and accelerates learning balance and the acquisition of walking. In a nutshell, it is ideal for walkers who begin and have not yet taken the step assured.

Go for a walker who sounds when Baby pushes him: visually and audibly, Baby finds the fruit of his efforts and his new favorite toy gives him complete satisfaction! You can also use a trolley with trolley: Baby has fun to fill it and even when he knows how to walk, he still enjoys playing with his trotter.

Another advantage, the trotter is reassuring for moms: trokers and dangerous objects remain out of reach. On the way to autonomy, provided always to keep baby well, especially near stairs!

Note, however, the trotter is not without danger. It would even be the cause of many of the domestic baby accidents. So choosing your trotter remains the top priority!

Baby toys 1 year (and more): purchase advice

For educational toys for 1-year old that meet the safety standards in force, choose only those with the CE marking (European Conformity)

Shopping guide for 1-year-old baby toy:

– Buy imitation games
– Buy toys first age
– Buy a bearer
– Buy a doll

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