help your kids disguise themselves

Today, help your kids disguise themselves

Provide your child with used clothing and accessories that they can use to disguise themselves. Through this activity, your child will develop both his imagination and fine motor skills.

We need :

An assortment of used clothing and accessories (shoes, jackets, aprons, trousers, hats, etc.). Include typical clothing from other cultures, if possible.

Disguising contributes to the development of fine motor skills.

How to do?

  • Fill a large box or chest with clothing and accessories that the child can use to disguise themselves.
  • Thanks to this activity, he will be able to practice dressing alone and having fun.
  • Provide a large mirror in which the child can admire and check if he has donned properly his disguise.

The benefits

This activity puts into practice the Comfort, Play, Teach and Participate parenting approach to your child’s development as follows:

Comfort: By putting on clothes and handling different kinds of closures (buttons, zippers, cords, etc.). your child will develop confidence in their ability to dress themselves.

Play: In disguising, your child can develop his imagination by pretending to be another person, such as a family member, a person doing a trade or an imaginary being.

Teach: Go to a second-hand shop with your child so that he or she can choose used clothing and accessories himself to disguise himself. By choosing from clothes of different colors, styles, and fabrics, he will enhance his decision-making ability. In addition, this visit will make her aware of the importance of reusing and recycling used clothing.

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