5 Tips for Baby Waking Serenely

Wake Up: 5 Tips for Baby Waking Serenely

Because baby is amazed (and amazes us) by awakening, we tend to multiply the toys for this purpose: their number, their shapes, their colors… Yet “too much” is sometimes the enemy of good, and it is better to privilege quality to quantity. But then, how to choose an awakening toy for her baby? Explanations.

Wake-Up Toy: Body First

Before waking to the toys that litter his carpet, it is to his own body that the baby awakens: his feet, his hands, his can, his nose, his ears, it already, already, things to discover!

Wake-up toy: too much stimulation kills stimulation

If parents are spending a lot of time stimulating their child to wake him up with various games and toys, the baby may end up watching for a sign of satisfaction or admiration from his dad and his mother, and forgets to give himself pleasure to him! But it is pleasure that will make him want to progress.

Toy of awakening: let him take of the insurance

Another advantage of letting it alone catch such a toy, stack such cubes or turn such pages: this is how a baby will realize that he is able, and will realize his abilities!

“Less is more” toy

It is difficult to catch a baby’s attention for more than a few minutes. If you present him too many games at once, he will not know where to head and may be discouraged in advance, given the magnitude of his “task”!

Wake-up toy: soft on shapes and colors

And for the same reason! In addition, you could excite baby, too stimulate his little senses still awake! In addition to presenting him few toys at once, limit the variety of shapes and colors, so he will take the time to explore his toy!

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