How to teach your Kids Learn to play with others

How to teach your Kids Learn to play with others

As he learns to play with others, your child will likely need your help to know what behaviors are acceptable or not.

If you notice that he seems disturbed while playing, encourage him to express his emotions verbally, especially his frustrations. Try to sympathize with him, but let him know that depending on the situation, there are ways of behaving that are more correct than others. Tell him, for example: “You want to play with this puzzle, but it’s Mireille who is using it now. You have to wait, even if you really want this toy. ”

If he has had a disagreement with one of his classmates, help him understand the other’s point of view, and tell him about the solutions to the problem: “You removed the puzzle to Mireille and now she’s crying. You hurt him. You’ll have to give it back to your friend and wait for her to finish using it. “. You will also help him to understand the notion of sharing.

You must be a good role model for your child because he is watching you to learn how to behave in society. You must avoid being impatient or rude. Remember that little ones constantly watch adults: they imitate their best behavior, but also the worst.

Your child will make friends more easily if you let him choose his comrades himself. The little ones do not necessarily bond with others just because their parents are friends or cousins. Learning to get along with others takes time, so let your child grow at his own pace.

If he has trouble joining a group or getting along with others, watch him and see if you can help him fit in. Take him aside and discuss with him the situation, where he would like to play and how he could be accepted. To help him mingle with others, you can give him a toy that could help the group play.

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