How to teach 3 to 5 years kids learn to dress

How to teach 3 to 5 years kids learn to dress

Dressing alone is not as easy as it seems. Before the child is able to, he must develop various skills. The positive attitude and encouragement of parents will motivate the child to practice their skills.

The steps of dressing

Here is the order in which the skills required to dress usually develop. Because each child is different, the ages mentioned below are only reference points.

3 years to 4 years

  • The child undresses on his own but needs help with fasteners, tight clothing to hang over his head or with a back closure.
  • He completely detaches the zipper from his jacket.
  • He buttoned a big button placed at the front of the garment.
  • He finds the front of the clothes.
  • He puts on mittens.
  • He loosens the buckle from his shoes or his belt.
  • He puts on his shoes but sometimes makes a mistake.
  • He puts on only his socks but may have a hard time placing the heel in the right place.

Have realistic expectations. For example, it is normal for a 3-year-old to be unable to knot.

4 years to 5 years

  • The child dresses alone but needs help with some fasteners or tight clothing.
  • He ties the zipper of his jacket.
  • It can detach and attach a medium sized button.
  • He starts making knots.
  • He recognizes the back and front of his clothes.
  • He ties the buckle of a belt or sandal.

From 5 years to 6 years

  • The child dresses alone but still needs help with back, neck or wrist ties.
  • He puts his shoes on the right foot.
  • He succeeds in making knots.
  • He starts making loose curls with laces.
  • He managed to attach snaps and fancy buttons.

To help him learn to dress

Learning to dress is done naturally through the routine and games you share with your child on a daily basis.

Show him how to undress first: “You give me your woolen cap and your mittens? “; “Are you removing your slippers? Your child will be able to undress before knowing how to dress.

Give him the opportunity to choose certain clothes (eg give him the choice between 2 sweaters). This helps to develop its autonomy.

Allow enough time for dressing. If you are in a hurry in the morning, prepare the clothes the day before.

Promote the disguise games. They allow your child to practice dressing skills and practice more complex gestures such as knots and loops.

Skills required to dress

In terms of perception

Recognize the different parts of your body and know where to put each garment.

Recognize the wrong side of the place, the left of the right.

On the engine

Coordinate his movements to put his arms in the sleeves of a sweater or coat, and feet in the legs of pants.
Hold your balance to put on pants.

Button, up and down a zipper; to make a knot, a loop.

In terms of knowledge

Understand the sequence of this activity: put the pants on the pants or the skirt.

Choose your clothes according to the temperature.

Understand the strategy for attaching a button, knot, and loop.


Have enough self-confidence to want to dress alone.

Be sufficiently independent of the adult.

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