talk Christmas to Baby

How to talk Christmas to Baby?

Whether you love Christmas or you regret its commercial side, the Christmas holidays are an unforgettable time for the toddlers, and it would be a shame to deprive them of this special atmosphere! How to talk about this holiday to Baby, to the children, so that this magic of which they will remember all their life? Four tricks to fully enjoy this lovely family celebration.

Talk about Christmas to baby: The little Jesus, for those who believe in it.

It is the starting point of this Christian festival: the birth of Jesus. If you are a practitioner or aware of religion, this is an opportunity to refer to this event, for example, with a santon to drop off in a nursery on the evening of the 24th.

Speaking of Christmas to Baby: Family in Honor

If you live away from your family, or you do not see them often, Christmas is for children the opportunity to see you all together. You can thus explain to them that this celebration is an opportunity to see their cousins, to enjoy everyone, to spend a pleasant moment.

Talk about Christmas to baby: A day to have fun

Christmas is also the occasion to present oneself at its best, to put the dishes in the big ones, to feast on the taste buds and the pupils: the children can be sensitive also to this aspect of the festival, which is made a day, not like the others. Involve them in the decoration of the fir tree or the table, and possibly in the preparation of a dish that makes them happy, praise them on their pretty outfit …

Talk about Christmas to baby: … And to please!

And the gifts in all that? If the importance they have taken in the celebration of this festival annoys you, insist on the other aspects of celebration, family, joy … But difficult to overlook, they contribute to the magic of the moment and the pleasure of the children! To bring them to the spotlight without falling into consumerism, talk to children about the pleasure of receiving, but also of that of offering! You can thus encourage them to make drawings for some family members!

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