Roll the ball

Sit on the floor with your child, face to face and spread your legs. Your feet are almost touching to prevent the ball from escaping. Then roll a softball towards him, making sure he can catch it and invite him to roll it towards you. At first, your child may be reluctant to let go. Encourage him to return it to you: “That way, I can send it back to you. When you have done it many times, he can see that he does not lose the ball when he rolls it away from him.

At first, he will not be very good at catching the ball and will just pick it up when it’s finished rolling. The better your child gets, the more you can increase the distance between you. Be sure to play with your child so that he or she will succeed because he/she must feel good when playing with another person.


To play a game that has simple rules and that will show him to cooperate and wait his turn. Knowing how to cooperate prepares the child to play more complex types of games.

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