Playing with ball and ball

Playing with ball and ball

Roll, Throw and Catch: These skills take time to master. The child will first learn to roll a ball, then to throw it and finally to catch it.

As the child always learns the simplest things before the most difficult, he will be able to play with a big ball, easier to handle, before knowing how to catch a tennis ball.

1-3 years: stages of development

1 to 2 years, Kids starts throwing a ball.

About 2 years, Kids throws the ball with both hands towards his partner, with a movement of his whole body. His equilibrium is uncertain and his gesture, little mastered. Managed to throw a ball forward, without losing balance or falling.

Around 2 to 3 years, managed to hit the ball with the foot.

The ages mentioned here are only reference points. For example, a child who is more motorized or has access to this game material will become more skilled with a balloon faster than a more verbal child.

Skills developed through ball or ball games

When playing with a ball or a ball, the child develops:

the perception of his body and space, because he must evaluate the distance that separates him from his partner and adapt his movement accordingly;

his muscular strength when the distance between him and his partner increases, because he must throw the ball or the ball with more energy;

its coordination and balance, since it must target a target and keep its balance when it launches.

Games Ideas

  • Teach your child that a round object can roll by rolling a ball towards him. Your child then realizes that it takes only a small push to move the ball.
  • Play with a balloon without touching it. Sitting on the floor, hold the ends of a beach towel with your child and have fun together to roll and bounce a beach ball or a light ball. For more difficulty, play upright and count how many times the ball bounces without falling to the ground.
  • Draw a circle on the floor with a chalk or use a hoop. Have your child drop their ball in the center and stand in the middle of the circle. At your signal, your toddler must get the ball out of the circle by pushing it hard with his feet. Repeat several times in a row. For even more fun, use balls and balloons of different sizes, with textures or sound effects.
  • Handle a balloon in front of your child and ask him to imitate you. Bounce the ball against a wall; throw it as high as possible in the sky, from behind, between your legs, on your knee or on your head, roll the ball on a bench, etc. Then surprise your child by imitating your turn.
  • Play bowling with your child. To make this game easier, first, use a balloon. If you do not have pins, use plastic bottles that you will fill half sand.
  • Play at the park, hit the ball with your foot to send it to your child. Then ask your toddler to send you the ball in the same way, as in soccer.
  • Introduce your toddler to basketball. Line up several boxes on the floor: laundry basket, cardboard box, trash bin, empty plastic bin or water-filled if you are outdoors, etc. Glue each box a different colored paper. Your child should throw his ball inside a box and then try to name the color displayed. To make the game more difficult, use different colored balls and have your child throw the ball into the box of the same color.

When playing ball with your child, remember that the closer you are to him, the easier the activity. When your child is more skillful, step away a few steps to advance his or her skills.

Do not use a foam ball or ball, as your child could wear them to his mouth and choke on a piece. Choose a beach ball instead. Lightweight, it is less threatening than a rigid balloon for your child.

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