The parenting approach: comfort, play and teach

The parenting approach: comfort, play and teach

Comfort, play and teach is a positive parenting approach that is based on scientific research to promote healthy child development. Comfort, play, and teach are three complementary activities that transform ordinary everyday interactions into special moments.

The fact of comfort to play and teach allows the parent to have more confidence in their parenting skills. In addition, this approach provides parents and their children with opportunities to strengthen the bond of attachment between them, to have a good time together and to access a world of discovery.

Comforting your child

Comfort is one of the first things a child needs from their parent. A child who is comforted feels loved, appreciated and safe. Comforting a toddler can be done in different ways, for example by kisses when he gets hurt, by hugs when he is afraid or by a smile, reassuring words or caresses when he hesitates.

Playing with your child

Play is the main activity of the child. Play is in addition necessary to its harmonious development. Moreover, a parent who participates in the games of his little one stimulates him, allows him to explore the world and discover the place he occupies. For example, the parent can mimic the sounds his baby is making and read a book to him. When the child is older, the parent can also help him build towers and play pirates or restaurants with him.

Teach your child

Teaching allows the parent to help his child learn. By sharing with him, including him in everyday activities, expanding his knowledge and serving as an example, the parent allows the child to get to know each other, to think, to solve problems. , to manage your emotions and to get along with others.

How it works

With this simple parenting approach, you feel that your actions have a positive effect on your child’s development and you are encouraged to integrate it into all your daily activities.

Often illustrated in the following format, the Comfort, Play and Teach approach is easy to understand.

When you involve your child in simple activities that promote positive interactions. Your child benefits from these activities, depending on his or her age and stage of development. In addition, they allow you to comfort him, play with him or teach him things during your daily tasks and activities.

Why does it work?

When you comfort your child, play with him and teach him things, you learn to recognize and encourage his uniqueness, inspire him to fulfill himself and build the foundations for a warm and respectful relationship. that will last all your life.

In addition, this approach:

  • Is simple, practical, appropriate, easy to understand and apply, and does not require special materials;
  • Is based on your child’s strengths and what he can do;
  • Focuses on actions that are within your reach.
  • Helps you understand your child’s current abilities and the behaviors and skills you expect.
  • Allows you to promote the overall development of your child by letting you choose the way to do it: instead of encouraging bans, it provides concrete examples of situations and a wide range of positive actions that you can apply.
  • Leads to positive reactions in children (for example by preventing or defusing challenging situations), which acts as a positive reinforcement for parents.


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