A little cardboard house for your kid

A little cardboard house for your kid

By inviting friends to come and create a play space with him, your child can have fun while practicing his social skills. Thanks to this activity, your child, and his friends will be able to invent stories and put them together!

We need :

  • a large cardboard box (for household appliances, for example);
  • small paint rollers or brushes;
  • gouache of different colors;
  • paint trays;
  • aprons or coats to protect children’s clothing;
  • newspaper, a protective cloth or an old cloth.

How to do?

Place the cardboard box on newspaper, a protective cloth or an old cloth. Pour some gouache colors into the paint trays and give each child a small roll or paintbrush. Children should put on an apron before starting to paint.

Children can dip their roll or paintbrush in the paint, then slide it onto the box to decorate it to their liking.

Once the gouache is dry, an adult can cut windows and a door into the box using scissors or an X-Acto knife to create a house, space rocket or castle.

The benefits

This activity puts into practice the Comfort, Play, Teach and Participate parenting approach to your child’s development as follows:

Comfort: As they paint the box, children can chat, plan their game scenarios and share their ideas. By creating together a space for their fantasy games, they learn to communicate, share, wait for their turn and collaborate – essential skills to get along with others.

Play: When they play fantasy games, children invent an infinite number of scenarios. They can pretend to be superheroes, fairy-tale characters, dragons, and so on. Their imagination is limitless!

Teach: Creating a play space allows children to exercise their reasoning skills in order to plan, make choices, make decisions, delegate and seek the resources needed to realize their concepts.

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