Invent games for your child with colors with Colorful toys

Invent games for your child with colors with Colorful toys

Several colorful toys that your child likes can be used to invent games with colors. Give him some dishes (or use plates or lids of boxes) and invite him to sort his cubes by putting all the reds on a tray, the blues on another, etc. If he has trouble starting, ask him questions like, “What color are you going to put here? “Or” Which cubes go on this plateau? Let him decide. Praise him for telling him what he did: “That’s good, you put this green cube with the other green cubes. “.

Later, see what kinds of color groupings he can do with clothespins or various colored objects. Encourage him to name the colors when he plays.

Do not expect him to succeed, and give him the chance to name the colors he knows and be rewarded. Your child may not be able to name correctly or choose all colors until he enters kindergarten.


For your child to learn how to name colors and sort objects by color. By knowing their name, he will be able to express himself better. Various situations allow him to gradually add other color names to his vocabulary.

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