Intervene when your child does not follow the rules

Intervene when your child does not follow the rules

Children 2 years and 3 years old have difficulty following the rules. Those of 1 year and 1 ½ years are even less inclined to obey. This is because they do not yet have their own notion of right and wrong, and they rely on their parents to help them comply with the rules. Children of this age also have difficulty remembering these and applying them in different situations. They tend to be very impulsive and throw themselves headlong into everything, instead of taking the time to think about the rules and behave as they should.

Parents help their children become aware of the rules by mentioning and clarifying the rules, and reminding them to consider the feelings of others.

What to do

Here’s what you can do to help your child understand and follow the rules:

  • Make sure he understands the message: get down so that your eyes are close to his, and explain things to him in a simple and understandable way for him.
  • Emphasize a few important rules that you will enforce, but avoid getting lost in details and picking it up on secondary issues.
  • Let him sometimes choose between certain possibilities: it can reduce conflicts and give him confidence.
  • Act according to his actions. For example, if you want to rip a book, for example, remove all your books for a short time. Use several methods of discipline, but be prepared to change tactics if you see that one does not work.
  • Reward the good behavior of your child. Say, for example: “It really made me happy that you put your toys away. “
  • Present a united front with the other adults caring for him. Do you agree so that none will yield to him when another has already told him no?
  • Remember that discipline is about teaching your child, not about controlling it. What you want is for him to gradually become able to control his emotions and to understand what good behavior is.

Clear, concrete and consistent rules allow the child to socialize and develop safely. Gradually, he will incorporate the rules and understand the importance of applying them himself.

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