How to improve the imagination and creativity of toddlers

How to improve the imagination and creativity of toddlers

All children have imagination and creative potential. This manifests itself in different ways. The child exercises his creativity and imagination when he draws, prepares a do-it-yourself or painting. But creativity and imagination are not limited to artistic activities. When he pretends to be a police officer fighting villains, your child is also creative. The same thing when he invents stories, prepares “recipes” in a sandbox, makes a building with blocks, makes his dog talk or talks with an imaginary friend.

What is the imagination for?

Between 2½ and 6 years, children have a particularly active imagination. It’s an intense time when they are very curious about others and the world around them. Since they do not understand everything, their imagination is sometimes responsible for giving them answers to questions or certain phenomena. For example, a child might think that toast is burned because the toaster is angry!

Imagination helps your child understand certain problems and find answers to their questions.

Creativity and imagination also help children in their development. For example, imaginary games where your toddler likes to pretend to contribute to the development of their social skills. When playing doctor or having fun being a parent who is comforting a baby, your child develops empathy, listening, and understanding of the world.

The imagination can make children “see” things that do not exist, such as monsters under their bed. But this same imagination also helps them to face certain fears. When your child imagines himself to be a superhero who can fight all the bad guys on Earth, he develops his confidence.

How to nurture your child’s creativity?

You can help your child develop his imagination with small gestures. Here are some tracks:

Let him play freely, without imposing rules. If he wants to draw yellow clouds or build a boat with his blocks without following a plan, it’s perfect! Also avoid saying phrases like, “It cannot be! Or “That’s not how it works! It could take away his desire to create.

Tell him stories from books, your memories or your own imagination.

Let your toddler have fun with boxes, pieces of rope, empty containers and pieces of cloth. They often offer more creative possibilities than single-use toys.

Give your child a chance to get bored on occasion to activate his imagination. When you do not immediately respond to all your desires (eg a toy, your presence to entertain him, etc.), you give him the opportunity to invent a game to deal with. You will end up finding him daydreaming in bed or talking with his figures.

Limit the use of television and screens. This can prevent your child from having time to get bored and create.

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