Gift ideas for kids who have too many toys

Gift ideas for kids who have too many toys

Christmas is approaching and you are already starting to roll over because your children will still receive a mountain of toys that they will use only 2-3 days ???? I have a list of gift ideas to suggest to the mutants and grannies!

Because yes it’s really fun to see the children tripping in front of 150 trucks, dart guns and plastic characters, but we know that their happiness will last only a few days… But your house overflowing with toys, Well, you’re going to deal with drugs a lot longer!

So instead of stressing at the thought of making 3 car trips to bring back all those gifts that will not be used, here is a list that will make your Christmas much more enjoyable!

  1. A prepaid card for access to the municipal swimming pool.
  2. Certificates for the cinema (and if it is a cool matante she will bring it to the cinema and you will have a few hours to relax during their release! Tse a gift 2 in 1 haha !!!)
  3. A surprise movie box: Microwave popcorn bags, new pajamas, crisps, sweets, a new movie. (The great thing about this gift is that half of it will disappear in his stomach and his pajamas we all need it you would have bought anyway!)
  4. A gift card from his favorite store. (Because he will be able to choose his clothes and you will have less to pay this year!)
  5. A booklet of activities to do with granny (cook patties together, going to sleep at home, granny offers you a picnic day, granny offers you a meal at the restaurant, etc.)
  6. Grandma can offer treats that your box mini likes: muffins, cakes, cookies, etc. (This is what I demand this year. Grandma loves cooking and the children want to always eat revenue. So we’ll fill the freezer hihi! Again, this gift will disappear like magic through directly into the stomach!)
  7. A subscription to a sport. You know that your son wants to do judo, so ask mat and granny to pay each a part of the registration fee! Son will be happy! This is another gift that does not accumulate in your living room!
  8. Your child loves apps for his IPad … Ask the family to pay for some apps!
  9. You have a little girl who loves her friends, they are inseparable … .Why not offer a photo shoot with her friends ?! They will have a great time and they will be able to keep a beautiful memory!
  10. Ask a subscription: amusement center, zoo, round, water park, etc.

How about your Gift ideas for kids who have too many toys. Share and comment below.

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