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Games books for toddler

Do you know playbooks? Fun to use, they are a good way to interest a toddler at-the-books.

Examples of game books

Playbooks are books that allow the child to participate during reading. The best known are the “Seek and Find” books, but there are several others. For example, books-circuits in which the child must follow a path with his finger, books with zippers and shutters to lift, books in which the child must follow instructions, etc.

At what age?

You can start using playbooks when your child is still a baby, especially books with zippers and flaps to lift. Of course, he will look mostly at the pictures at the beginning. It is around 1 year to 1 ½ years that he will begin to be able to follow simple instructions. For example: “Show me the dog” or “Touch the apple. ”

For your child to be interested, it is best to show him a book adapted to his development. For example, a difficult “find and find” may discourage a 2-year-old child. Sometimes the age of the children for whom the book is intended is written on the cover. Otherwise, do not hesitate to ask the librarian or bookseller for advice as to which book is best suited to your child’s age.

Transform an ordinary book

Playbooks are fun because they involve the child.

It’s easy to turn an ordinary book into a book-game. From 1 year, you can, for example, ask your child to find an object on a page.

From 2 years to 3 years, you can also give instructions in connection with the illustrations of the book (eg “Flatte le chat”, “Kiss the dog”). And when a path is illustrated, you can ask your child to follow him with his finger.

Why choose playbooks?

To make the books love a more active child. Since playbooks allow him to take action (eg, lift a shutter, follow a path) or answer questions, it’s more interesting for him.

To develop the understanding of the language. Indeed, to know what he must do, the child must understand what you are telling him.

To help develop the sense of observation and logic through the comments you make during reading. For example: “I wonder why you decided to follow this path” or “Have you noticed that these characters are alike? What are their similarities? ”

To adapt to the attention time of a toddler. For example, the child can find hidden objects in a few pages of a book “Find and Find” and look at the rest of the book at another time.

To remember

Playbooks are books that involve the child.

They can be useful for making books love and for helping the child to understand words and sentences better.

It is possible to turn an ordinary book into a game-book.

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