Perfect doll for baby

Find the Perfect Doll for you Kids

Corolle doll, Barbie doll … We all had, in our childhood, a fetish doll, a best friend that we never wanted to let go. Today is the time to invest in a baby that will accompany the playing time of your baby (or your baby for that matter)? How to choose the doll that will fill it while avoiding the excesses of some toy dealers? Our file to take stock.

The days when the little boys played cars and the little girls seemed to be gone (or almost). Today the debate on the hypersexualization of girls is raging and the latest educational trends, particularly from the Scandinavian countries, tend to “deny” the sex of children so as not to favor discrimination. Must we see in this tune of time, the announced end of the feminine toy par excellence, the doll? Far from there! Today, the doll is displayed in the Christmas catalogs of certain signs in the arms of little boys. The message: let’s end it with sexual cleavages and let our children have fun as they see fit! However, it must be carefully chosen as the favorite toy of a little girl or a baby.

First choice criterion: the age of your child. Before 12 months, your baby is not really interested in infants. But in her second year, baby can grow and wake up with the doll. By starting to imitate you, your baby takes his marks, behaves like a great, and finally … learns!

Second essential criterion: the doll model. For toddlers, be sure to give priority to “soft” infants – with a foam or ball body – easier to handle and unrealistic. The key is for your toddler to identify a toy to which he can attach himself. From 3 years, the doll can be made of plastic more rigid to facilitate the clothing and therefore the imitation. Conversely, dolls that convey images that are too “restrictive” of the woman (nursing doll, delivery doll) are, according to some early childhood professionals, to be avoided. Each parent has to make his choice according to the educational message he wishes to convey.

Last criterion of purchase of your doll: the effect.Each mother had a doll in her childhood that she had difficulty separating, like the dolls Corolle or Barbie, if not to quote them. Giving your child a doll is always a great moment of exchange, which facilitates the transmission of stories, anecdotes from generation to generation. So do not hesitate to invest in a baby that you like (too!)!

You still have questions about the perfect doll for your child? Consult our file! On the program: practical advice to facilitate your purchase, a decryption of shrink, and pictures nostalgia to return to childhood!

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