Family bowling game

Family bowling game

EQUIPMENT: Paper strips (magazines and white sheets) cut into tabs, four empty plastic bottles of elongated shape, felt pens, tape, stickers, a small ball.

1. Gather your family members and distribute an empty plastic bottle to everyone.
2. Together, decorate the white paper strips with your drawings. Then stick white paper strips and magazine paper on your bottles, according to your taste. You can also drag them inside and use stickers.

3. Fill each bottle with a bottom of water and ask the bigger ones to firmly screw the caps.

4. Together, place the bottles in a corridor. Each turn, throw the ball towards the bottles to make them fall as much as possible. Have fun!

Complementary activity

Empty the bottles and fill them with other elements (sand, pebbles …), in order to make them musical instruments. Place to the family concert!

To remember

Bowling exercises your children to orient themselves in space and introduces them to mathematics when they count the bottles that have fallen.

Playing with your children is a good way to strengthen family ties.

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