Excited ways to Play with your child by car

Excited ways to Play with your child by car

A long car ride can be boring. But it can also be an opportunity for parents and children to share a good time, laugh and play together.

In addition to making the trip more fun, there are activities that can help you better understand your child’s thinking and what’s important to them.

Here are some interactive game ideas that you and your child will enjoy while driving.

Play the riddles: this game allows your child to think about the role of objects, exercise his sense of observation and develop his language. Start the game and let your child lead it so that you can guess what it is.

You can say for example:

– “I see something that is blue. Try to guess what it is. ”

-” I think of something whose name begins with the letter A. ”

-” I am a spoon. What am I serving? ”

Telling Stories: Listening to a story without a picture book requires a lot of concentration and imagination. Invent together your own story beginning with the phrase “Once upon a time there was a little girl (or boy) who …”. Invite your child to continue the story by adding their own sentence. Then continue to tell each one part of the story in turn.

Create Funny Nursery Rhymes: Use the “sound families” to create fun phrases, like “the boat that goes on the water looks like a camel! “; “Mimi the mouse wants to marry a spaghetti”; ” Oh no! Leo the bear is still sleeping, sucking his thumb! ”

Play Who am I? “: Imitate animal sounds (meowing, roaring, bellowing …) or describe an animal using some of its characteristics (eg a hairy animal that eats mice). Then ask your child to find the name of the animal in question.

Use creativity: invite your child to imagine wacky situations. For example: “It would be funny if dogs drove cars, trees had legs, broccoli had ears, etc. ”

Counting: understanding the concept of numbers requires practicing concretely for a long time. To allow your child to exercise, ask him to count the number of cars of a certain color he sees on the road. Let him choose the color and help him when he is wrong in the sequence of numbers. Ask him what he would like to count as he looks out the window.

Reading the signs: Point to signs you often see on the road, such as “Stop” or “Exit”. Gradually, your child will begin to recognize them.

Sing: bring your child’s favorite CDs. Encourage him to choose his favorite songs and sing them together.

Speaking: take advantage of the moment in the car to talk about topics that you do not always have time to discuss, such as the person with whom he likes to play daycare or school, a fun event that is produced during the week, etc. These conversations will give you an idea of what your child is going through.

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