Enjoy Playing at the park with your Kids

Enjoy Playing at the park with your Kids

Parks are a joy for kids of all ages, who can enjoy themselves for hours. Far from being just a way to pass the time, playing the park stimulates the development of many abilities in toddlers through the many activities that can be done there.

The game modules

The game modules allow children to experience different things. The slide allows developing the control of the posture. If your toddler is scared, accompany him to secure him. Climbing the stairs is also a challenge for him.

Children 2 years and older enjoy climbing rope and small climbing walls. The more adventurous even try to go up the slide. Thanks to these games, your toddler develops his coordination and muscular strength.

Encourage your child in his efforts and congratulate him for his achievements.

The swings

Babies love to be rocked gently. The swing allows them to experience the sensations of the movement of their bodies in space. For younger children, use those with a seat that holds the child for safety.

If your child is a little older, invite them to discover the traditional swing (the one with a seat that is simply a board). If it is low enough, offer him to sit on his stomach. He can then discover different sensations and try to catch small objects on the ground. Same thing if you turn it on itself.

The Sandbox

Be careful, your toddler might be tempted to taste the sand.

The games in the sandbox help to stimulate the sense of touch. Your child discovers different textures and sensations by sliding his hands. Invite him to use a shovel and a bucket to work his motor skills. By playing in the sand, your child also discovers its properties (eg: it becomes more sticky when wet, more fluid when it is dry).

After 3 years, the sandbox is the paradise of the imagination. By adding pebbles, small branches and grass, children can invent a thousand stories. If your toddler seems short of ideas, restart his game by suggesting a new scenario.

The grass

On the grass, children of all ages can explore different movements. Race tumbles, roulades, they can move almost without constraints. When he falls into the grass, your toddler develops its protective reflexes. These will help to prevent injuries from incidents on harder surfaces (such as falling on asphalt).

Children over 3 years can also play games of pursuit, ballooning or hiding. This teaches them to respect the rules of a game.


In the park, you can also bring several simple toys from the house: bucket, container, small characters, balls and balls, chalks … These objects have the advantage of having several uses, which is very good to let the creativity of your child express himself. He can have fun filling a bucket or plastic container with water or sand, or use it to pick up small things (eg small branches, pebbles, leaves).

He may also throw, hit or push a ball or ball with his hands and feet. These games allow him to develop the perception of his body in space, in addition to improving its coordination and balance.

With chalks, your child can draw on asphalt or color rocks or pieces of wood. Around 4 years or 5 years, he can write letters or numbers and draw a hopscotch game, afterward which will be an excellent exercise in balance!

To play at the park safely

  • Check the inventory to make sure they are safe (eg, no broken glass, broken games, syringes or poison ivy).
  • Remember the instructions to your child (ex: we climb only in the small slide, we stand at the banister on the stairs).
  • Watch for it closely to prevent injury. If a game seems too difficult for him, accompany him to ensure his safety rather than prohibit it.
  • Choose shoes that fit well on the feet.

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