It is easy to create puppets for your kids

It is easy to create puppets for your kids

Puppets offer many possibilities for fun. Their manufacture only starts the pleasure. Afterwards, your child will have a new toy with which he can have fun for a long time. He can even use it to create small puppet shows for his family and friends! Depending on the puppet pattern your child chooses, you may need to give him a helping hand to complete some of the manufacturing steps. Take the time to create your own puppet so you can have fun too.

We need :

  • a glove, a mitten or a sock, or a paper bag (to make the body of the puppet);
  • scissors;
  • pearls, woolen strands, small buttons, glitter, marker, felt (to decorate puppets);
  • glue.

How to do?

Choose the article that will be used to make the body of the puppet.

Then select the ornaments that will form his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, etc.

Ask the child to stick the ornaments on the puppet as he/she wishes (they can also be sewn, but many preschoolers do not have this skill yet, as it requires great hand-eye coordination).

We can also create a puppet by drawing directly on our fingers or our hand using washable markers.

For other puppet ideas, check out the following fact sheets: The Puppet Frog, The Puppet Bunny, Original Puppets and Funny Puppets.

The benefits

This activity puts into practice the Comfort, Play, Teach and Participate parenting approach to your child’s development as follows:

Comfort: Your child feels loved and reassured when you spend time and play with him. This activity also allows him to express himself while he makes his puppets.

Play: Use unexpected ornaments to give a comedic look to your puppets, for example, green hair strands for the hair or earbuds. Your funny puppets will make you laugh and inspire humorous scenarios.

Teach: This activity allows your child to reinforce several skills, including fine motor skills (thanks to the puppet decoration). It also gives him the opportunity to practice counting (the different parts of the puppet, for example) and develop his imagination.

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