Creative toy, a space rocket for your kid!

Creative toy, a space rocket for your kid!

Making this rocket will provide hours of creative fun for your child and allow them to play the astronaut.

We need :

  • a large cardboard box (for household appliances, for example);
  • a small paint roller brushes;
  • gouache of different colors;
  • a paint tray;
  • an apron or a lab coat;
  • wax crayons, stickers, glue ornaments, and glue;
  • a newspaper, a cloth or an old cloth.

How to do?

  • Place the cardboard box on newspaper, a protective cloth or an old cloth.
  • Pour some gouache colors into the paint tray and give the child a small roller or paintbrush.
  • You can show him different painting techniques and explain to him how to use the roll. One can say to him, for example: “I roll the roll to the stars”.
  • Once the gouache is dry, cut windows and a door into the box so that the child can enter and pretend he is in a space rocket.
  • The child can draw patterns on his rocket and decorate it with stickers and ornaments to stick.

The benefits

This activity puts into practice the Comfort, Play, Teach and Participate parenting approach to your child’s development as follows:

Comfort: By moving back and forth with the roller, your child relaxes while practicing his painting technique.

Play: By transforming a cardboard box into a space rocket, your child creates a setting for his imaginary adventures and his stories.

Teach: Painting allows your child to learn to name and combine colors.

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