How to Clean the toys for your Kids

How to Clean the toys for your Kids

Young children often share their toys with their friends. They lick them, chew them, dip them in all sorts of materials (sand, water, juice …) or simply let them fall to the ground. Here’s how to clean them.

Clean plastic toys

When a toy is new or soiled, it is recommended to clean it in the top rack of the dishwasher with a high-temperature cycle. If you would rather use a disinfectant solution, first clean the visible stains with mild soap and water. Then spray the toys with a commercial or homemade disinfectant solution (5 ml of bleach in 500 ml of water). Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse with water and dry the toy with a soft, clean cloth.

Plush or fabric toys

Stuffed toys or cloth toys can contain an impressive number of bacteria, viruses or mites and mites. It is therefore important to clean them regularly. If your child is sick, clean the toys he has handled or salivated immediately after use. Many toys made of fabric or plush are machine washable. It is better to wash them with hot water. However, it is in the dryer, using a high-temperature cycle, that all bacteria and microbes will be destroyed.

Most of the bacteria and dirt from the stuffed or cloth toys disappear after cleaning in the washer and drying at high temperatures.

Bath toys

When your toddler comes out of the bath, it is essential to empty the water contained in his toys. Clean them regularly by soaking them in a disinfectant solution of the trade or house (5 ml of bleach in 500 ml of water). If you see mold and fungi appear on the toy or indoors, it is best to discard it to avoid health problems.

Toys that can not soak in the water

There are disinfectant wipes (different from those used to clean baby’s buttocks) that you can use to clean, for example, hard books or puzzle pieces. After disinfection put on a soft cloth soaked in water and dry the toy well.

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