My childrens drawings tell a story

My children’s drawings tell a story

This is a fun activity that will encourage your child to talk about his drawings and to imagine himself as a storyteller or writer.

We need:

  • Paper;
  • supplies for drawing: pencils, wax chalks, markers, chalks, pastels, etc.

How to do?

Provide the child with paper and drawing supplies and invite them to draw their family or favorite activity. Fold 2 sheets of paper and assemble them to form a small booklet. The child will be able to create his own book of images or stories!

If the child wants to create a storybook, ask him to invent a story from his drawings. Write the words of his story as you go along in the booklet. Read the story by placing a finger under each spoken word. This will help the child become aware of the link between speech and writing.

The benefits

This activity puts into practice the Comfort, Play and Teach parenting approach and participates in the development of your child as follows:

Comfort: When you put your child’s words in writing, you let him know that you’re listening to him and that you’re interested in what he says

Play: By providing your child with drawing materials and supplies, you give them the opportunity to express their ideas and creativity through art.

Teaching: By seeing your own words on paper, your child will make important connections between speech and writing, and this will prepare him for reading and writing.

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