Toys for Kids Playing in the bath

Toys for Kids Playing in the bath

The moment of the bath can easily turn into a moment of pleasure, relaxation, and discovery for a child. In addition, this moment gives rise to many learnings.

The benefits

In the first months, the sensations that water provides the body of baby are enough to fill his appetite for discovery. The sensation received by the skin is recorded by his brain and helps him to become aware of his body. A few months later, when he will be able to sit, his hands will be released to handle toys.

The moment of the bath favors:

Fine motor skills and understanding how things work: by handling plastic containers of different sizes, your child will gradually learn how to fill them, how to empty them, how to transfer the water from one container to another, to the float or sink, etc…

Language development: when you put words on what is happening, you stimulate your child’s language. For example: “The bottle is full of water. Or “Bravo, you managed to empty the cup. “;

Precious moments of complicity between you and your child.

Bath toys

If the bath toys are adapted to the age of the child, they will arouse his interest and his curiosity.

Various objects in the house can entertain the child in his bath, such as plastic containers (cups, bottles or cups) for filling, emptying, transferring, etc .; a funnel for filling narrow bottles; a sponge or washcloth to gorget with water or twist, depending on the actions taken.

Bath-specific toys include, for example, plasticized books, watering toys when pressed, water mills, pencils, characters on a boat, raft or other craft. Some of these toys make noises and teach the child that water changes the sounds.

Clean bath toys

Since the bath water is mixed with soap or shampoo, it is important to thoroughly clean the bath toys and remove the water after each use. This will prevent the formation of mold and other deposits. There are nets for storing toys that can be attached to the edge of the bath with suction cups.

Bath books

The bath is a good time to interest a child in reading. By associating an element of the daily routine like bath time with a pleasant activity such as reading, it is possible to have a good time with your child in addition to giving him the taste to read.

The bath book promotes reading through the game As it is waterproof, the baby is not likely to suffocate with a piece of wet cardboard album. The child can also chew, wet, twist and dirty, without any problem.

A good bath book should also have the following characteristics:

  • It contains very colorful drawings.
  • It is easy to handle by small hands.
  • He talks about a subject that interests the child (eg trucks, animals, the house, etc.) or a character he knows (eg Cajoline or Dora).
  • It does not count more than one sentence per page.

There is no need to buy multiple bath books. Toddlers love to be read the same story, night after night.

At first, your child will want to start the book, soap it or use it like any other toy. Start slowly to show him how to turn the pages. When your child becomes more interested in pictures and stories, it will be time to read them aloud. Point to the characters and objects, describe the colors and present some concepts such as up and down or small and big.

From the age of 3, your child will be interested in more elaborate stories. This is the right time to turn to bathing books that come with a figurine. Your toddler will be able to use it to invent new adventures to the character of the book.

Tips for enjoying the pleasure of bathing safely

  • Make sure the room temperature is between 20 ° C (68 ° F) and 24 ° C (75 ° F).
  • Before placing your child in the bath, make sure that the water is at the correct temperature: between 35 ° C (95 ° F) and 38 ° C (100 ° F).
  • Place all necessary items in the toilet at hand, including toys.
  • Never walk away from your child while in the water. A child can drown in seconds, in very little water and without making noise.
  • Do not use baby seats and swim rings as they pose a risk of drowning. According to Health Canada, these products give parents a false sense of security and drown several babies.
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